Offering premium quality meat processing since 1980.


With a long-standing history and a stellar reputation for traditional handcrafted meats and superior game processing, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family.  


There is no such thing as a generic elk steak.  Each cut of meat comes from a particular part of your animal and we label them that way.  The five most tender cuts are the tenderloin, the rib-eye, the top loin (also called the New York strip), the top sirloin and the top round.  The highest-quality cuts are typically on the rear part of the spine.  It is important to know the cut in order to use the appropriate cooking technique.  For example, more tender cuts such as the rib-eye taste best cooked quickly over high, dry heat, such as by sautéing or grilling.  Shoulder blade roasts and other tough cuts are best cooked slowly over low, moist heat, such as by stewing, slow cooking or braising.



At Bridger Mtn Meats we make a basic venison hamburger with 7 to 10 percent suet (beef fat), but we occasionally add pork fat or use no fat if requested.  We will do our best to retain as much meat yield as possible from your harvest, yet in all honesty most 350 pound boned and field dressed bull elk are reduced to roughly 150 pounds of trimmed, frozen and wrapped portions.  A 40 percent yield is considered average with 60 percent being considered excellent.


Every sausage is handmade using the perfect lean-to-fat ratio.  We do not take shortcuts, we do not bulk batch and no expense is spared in the procurement of our ingredients.  Our priority when making every sausage, meatball or burger is to create a fresh, healthy and quality product to ensure customer satisfaction. Our premium quality game processing is also available for mobile operations, based out of our Belgrade, Montana location.


Our award-winning gourmet jerky is produced by following strict quality guidelines and a commitment to a tradition of excellence, which includes no fillers.  Bridger Mtn Meats jerky is always made using premium cuts of your own animal in creative fusion marinades that are slow smoked to perfection.  We produce a mouth-watering, superior and bold-flavored gourmet jerky that is soft and tender in every bite.  Whether, bison, elk, beef or deer, you will love they way we prepare your jerky.


Brider Mtn Meats PepperSticks have been some of our most popular dry sausage products.  Handcrafted in a state-of-the-art game processing facility, each stick undergoes a natural fermentation and aging process, producing an exquisite flavor that our customers have enjoyed for decades.  We pride ourselves in the use of the finest ingredients available to make the most flavorful and delicious pepperoni possible.  

Venison Bacon

Our butcher sliced venison bacon, naturally smoked using real hickory wood and cured with a secret recipe going back generations.  This classic bacon is perfect to accompany your Saturday morning pancake breakfast tradition.  Our cold smoked venison bacon has a delightful hickory aroma and an irresistible taste.

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