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-  C A R E   I N S T R U C T I O N S  -

Congratulations on your harvest.  Bridger Mtn Meats would like to provide a few common tips for the best care of your animal so your meat will be in the best possible condition upon arrival.

Completely and immediately field dress the animal

  • Take pictures then start field dressing your animal.

  • Be sure to remove the lungs and esophagus, especially in elk so the meat can cool properly.

  • Take the entire urinal track and manure from beneath the pelvic bone between the hind quarters.

Proper Cooling

  • Temperatures above 45 degrees are not cool enough to hang or cool wild game.

  • Quartering your animal, placing it in ice, and making sure that air can get all around the animal are other ideas to help cool your harvest.

  • Get it to Bridger Mtn Meats or call for mobile processing to ensure proper cooling.


  • Most game processors prefer to have all animals, even quarters, with the skin on. Why?

  • Keeping the skin on helps protect the meat from dirt, debris, damage and waste.

  • Note: skinned / dirty animals may incur additional cleaning fees.

Meat Handling

  • Keep the meat clean.  Dirt, grass and pine needles will need to be cleaned off to make the meat palatable. Also, Bridger Mtn Meats will charge additional fees to clean your dirty animal(s).

  • Use a tarp or blanket to work on.

  • Never put meat into garbage bags, they are coated with chemicals and pesticides.

  • Use game bags if you are going to skin the animal yourself.

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