Handcrafted, premium quality wild game and domestic meat processing.

Welcome to Bridger Mountain Meats.

With a long-standing passion for traditional handcrafted meat processing, we are a family owned business and have been making steaks, sausages, burger, jerky and aged, cured goods over several decades with a focus on fresh, quality ingredients and without bulk batching.  Which means, we do not take shortcuts and no expense is spared in the processing of your animal or the procurement of our ingredients.  Be assured that your animal will be processed as quickly, cleanly and naturally as possible, without bulk batching or mixing with other customers' orders.  Our top priority when making every cut of meat is to create fresh, healthy and quality products to ensure customer satisfaction, with minimal waste and superior taste.

At Bridger Mtn Meats we understand that many hunters prefer to maintain full control and supervision of their harvest from field to freezer.  We are hunters too and we have also heard horror stories of deer and elk carcasses piled high outside game processors during peak season or how orders get switched or lost due to error.  Here at Bridger Mtn Meats be assured that we are a professional facility, where we never sacrifice quality or cleanliness in order to cut costs. Give us a call today, we're happy to help. 

Bridger Mtn Meats is closed for the season. See you back in September 2020


Monday - Sunday: CLOSED

Montana sausage

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